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6 Ways to Decorate Your Vehicle for Christmas

Is your truck outfitted for the winter holiday?
Is your truck outfitted for the winter holiday?

Christmas time is here, if you couldn’t tell from the abundance of chocolate and peppermint in the grocery store, the holiday tunes playing wherever you go, and the decorations outside of homes. Decorating doesn’t have to stop at the front porch, though! Here are some fun ideas for decorating your vehicle for Christmas.

Light it Up

Now that battery operated lights are available in many different styles, lighting up your truck for Christmas is no longer a complicated ordeal. If you want to go simple, put a single string of lights across your rear window. If you want to get elaborate and have fun, use rope lights to snake all around the bed of your truck. Make sure that your lights are legal and have fun.

Add Decals

If you want a temporary Christmas decoration for your truck or use a work vehicle that you can’t alter much, add some Christmas decals. These can stick to windows just like they do at home and add a nice dose of Christmas cheer while you are on the road.

Use Your Dashboard

Take down the hula girl on your dashboard (or give her a Santa hat). As long as the decoration won’t interfere with your visibility, you can add a small decoration or stuffed Christmas animal to your dashboard to be your co-pilot this holiday season. Santa isn’t the only one who can use Rudolph to light the way!

Wrap It in a Bow

This decoration isn’t road-friendly, but if your truck is going to be parked for a long amount of time, you can adhere a Christmas bow to the top of it for a whimsical decoration sure to impress.

Santa Decals

This is another simple option for drivers that don’t want to go much to their car (or can’t)—add Santa face decals to your rear window or passenger window that make it look like Santa is looking out from your car. These are sure to get smiles from any children that see you drive by!

Add Greenery

Another easy way to decorate your vehicle for Christmas is by adding some small holiday greens or berries on or in their vehicle. Putting them inside is a good way to decorate without decreasing visibility or worrying about a wreath on your truck’s grill.

Get Your Truck in Great Shape for Christmas

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