Running Boards & Nerf Bars

Nerf bars and running boards are usually found on trucks, Jeeps, or SUVs to make getting into a vehicle with a taller ride height easier. If your vehicle is higher off the ground, you might want a nerf bar or running board installed to make entering and exiting easier and safer. Not to mention, our running boards and Nerf bars come in a wide range of styles, adding to your vehicles look.

Running Boards

Running boards give you step for people entering and exiting taller vehicles. They have an overall flat profile and run along the side of the truck cabin, right below the doors. Running boards are also perfect for SUVs and Jeeps designed to provide more ground clearance. The boards are mounted somewhat flush against the rocker panels, with some options for SUVs even electronically retracting and stowing neatly into the body. Running boards also offer some protection from flying rocks and debris. Running boards provide the most stepping area.

Nerf Bars

Originally designed to protect vehicles from lower body damage, Nerf bars evolved to serve other purposes as well. There is no denying the stylistic appeal of Nerf bars–these sleek, tubular side bars make a statement. Nerf bars also function as side steps, creating an easier and safer entry point into your vehicle. Our Nerf bars do it all–protect your vehicle, create easier entry, and look incredible. Choose from our wide variety of styles and colors to find a set that elevates the look and feel of your vehicle. Nerf bars are best if you are going off roading with your vehicle, as they add the most protection.

Security and Safety

If you are looking for a boost into your vehicle, protection for your vehicles body from rocks and debris, and add to the visual appeal of your vehicle, reach out to our team. We will find you the perfect running board or Nerf bars to fit your desired function, lifestyle, and personal style.

Trick Trucks carries durable, stylish running boards and Nerf bars from:

  • AMP Research
  • Aries
  • BlackHorse Offroad
  • Deezee
  • Gem Tube Products
  • GoRhino
  • Ironcross
  • Lund
  • Luverne
  • N-Fab
  • RBP
  • Trail FX
  • Westin

Our team can help you choose the running boards or Nerf bars for your needs. Contact us today.