Van Security

Safety First – And Always

Your cargo van plays an integral part in your business, and if it’s broken into or stolen, the effects could be disastrous. Trick Trucks knows this, and we can partner with you to provide the necessary equipment to prevent theft of your tools, supplies, and other expensive items in your cargo van.

Van security doesn’t have to be complicated or intricate. When the proper steps are taken, security becomes another part of your everyday routine. The peace of mind you’ll get when you park your vehicle and step away to handle a project or service call relieves your stress and worry so you can concentrate on your work.

The Right Equipment

There are a variety of choices you can make when it concerns van security. The equipment you select will be based on what services you provide to clients, where you work, and if you have any existing security in place.

A few of the solutions we recommend include:


If you and your employees are transporting packages and other goods in and out of your van, a slamlock could be the answer. Easily incorporated into your existing locking system, the doors shut automatically when they’re closed. You can open the lock with a key, and the doors can be opened from the inside, which reduces the chance of getting locked out.

Remote Locks

Service businesses that require multiple trips to a van, and then remaining on a worksite can benefit from remote locks. As you and your crew move from one location to another, a quick click on a keyfob will keep the van locked and secure until you return.


Just like the locks used in any home or business, a deadlock is operated with a key to open and close any door on your van. Dependable and durable, this type of van security provides top notch security no matter where you park.

Alarms and Remote Start

Car and truck alarms have come a long way, and today’s systems incorporate multiple features that are easy to use and excellent deterrents to thieves. Most of the new systems use apps on your smartphone, so you won’t have to carry another key – or lose it. 

These systems also incorporate remote start which can speed up loading in your tools and supplies, along with cutting down on engine wear and fuel consumption in cold or hot weather. 

Interior Van Security

Making sure your tools and supplies are secure inside your cargo van or vehicle is another solution Trick Trucks can provide. Our professionals can recommend high-quality locks that can be attached to existing storage containers, or new replacements that incorporate locks and other security solutions.

Trick Trucks Knows Van Security

Before you lose valuable tools and materials – or have a key part of your operation stolen – contact the pros at Trick Truck. 

We use name brand products that are reliable and durable, including:

  • Kargo Master
  • Slick Locks
  • Viper
  • Weatherguard

With nine different areas to serve you in Maryland, Western Maryland, Virginia and Delaware, our experts are ready to provide quality van security.

For more information contact us at 1-866-60-TRICK (87425) or visit our website.