Custom Lighting Jeep

Should I Attempt Custom Lighting for My Jeep On My Own?

You want to add custom lighting to your Jeep, but you’re thinking about doing it yourself to save time and money. While the DIY spirit is admirable, there are things you shouldn’t tackle yourself unless you have experience, and working […]

Interior Van Build-Outs

The Best Products for Full Interior Van Build-Outs

Here at Trick Trucks, we match our experience and expertise with products from KargoMaster. We love using KargoMaster products as they’re built to last, they’re customizable, and they think of everything you could need for your interior van build-out. Below […]

Off Road Tires

Your Guide to Off-Road Tires

When you go off-road, you need the right tires that can handle the terrain. However, not just any set of tires will do; choosing the right tires over the wrong tires makes the difference between being stuck in the mud […]

Commercial Tool Boxes

Choosing Commercial Tool Boxes: What’s Best for Your Business?

Commercial trucks and tools go together like peanut butter and jelly. When you have tools for commercial work, you need a place to securely store your tools and save space. Trick Truck toolboxes are a sturdy and secure place to […]

Off Road Tire and Wheel Packages

Top Off Road Tire and Wheel Packages From Trick Trucks

At Trick Trucks, our off-road tire and wheel packages push the limits and take a beating while maintaining their integrity. Whether you want to drive through mud, rain, or sand, our wheel and tire packages make your vehicle look great […]

Caps or Lids on Truck Bed

Should You Install Caps or Lids On Your Truck Bed?

When you’re a pickup truck owner, you want your truck to look its best. A truck cap or lid also comes in handy after shopping for groceries. You don’t want bags flying around, and you want to protect your groceries […]

Custom Built Jeep

A Custom Built Jeep Sets You Apart

The value of a Jeep comes from its dependability but also the unique touches that owners give their vehicles to give their Jeep some charm and personality. The best way to spruce up your Jeep is with some upgrades and […]

popular truck customizations

4 Popular Truck Customizations From Trick Trucks

Customizing your truck is a way to reflect your personality or what you need. These customizations can range from custom ball hitches, wheels, headache racks, running lights, lift kits: anything you can choose. Below are a few popular truck customizations […]

kargomaster van packages

Why We Love KargoMaster Van Packages

When you have a van or a truck for your commercial business, you know the pain and inconvenience of trying to find the tools you need. Or bumping into, stepping on, and falling over everything because of limited space, or […]

jeep spring

Gearing Your Jeep Up for Spring

After months of snow, ice, sleet, road salt, and cold, winter is finally over, and now it’s time to make sure that you have the right Jeep gear for spring. Spring is normally considered a driving season, a time to […]