Floor Mats & Mudflaps

You aren’t afraid of a little bad weather–after all, your vehicle moves through snow, rain, mud, and sand with ease. But all that water and dirt can take a toll on your vehicles interior and paint job. Our custom fitted floor mats and mudflaps will keep your interior and exterior safe, even when you are off roading.

Floor Mats

Our floor mats are custom fitted to your car, so they fit seamlessly in your front and back seats. All-weather technology means they can withstand mud, sand, snow, and whatever else you might track in. Simply pull them out, hose them off, and replace. Your vehicle stays looking great, and your floors are clean in seconds. Plus, floor mats are cheaper to replace than your vehicles carpeting, should something happen! Choose from a variety of materials, from durable rubber to carpet that matches your existing carpeting.

Mud Flaps

New paint jobs are expensive–but mud flaps aren’t. If you and you vehicle are exploring off the beaten path, then you need mud flaps to protect your vehicle from rocks, debris, and other things on the road than can make a dent. Mud flaps hang behind your wheels, preventing the mud, rocks, rain, and other elements from denting your paint or rusting your undercarriage. Mud flaps are made to be easy to hose off after a drive, and our mud flaps are selected for durability.

Protect Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is an investment and a lifestyle. When you use durable, easy-to-clean floor mats and mud flaps, you save your vehicle from premature damage and aging. Our gear is made to fit your vehicle perfectly, and match your style.

Trick Trucks carries durable, affordable floor mats and mud flaps from:

  • Weathertech
  • Huskyliner

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