Commercial Tool Boxes

Tools and trucks go hand-in-hand, so if you’re using your truck for any serious work you definitely need a place to securely and compactly store your tools. Truck boxes are sturdy, secure and keep your valuable tools out of any harsh conditions and weather.

The biggest choice when choosing a toolbox for your truck is the style. There are several different styles to pick from depending on your preferences.

If you are looking to preserve your bed space, many toolboxes, such as cross style, leave room for objects to fit under the box. Other styles like top mounted or side boxes don’t touch the bed at all. On the other hand, this style of box can obstruct your vision from the driver seat.

There are simpler chest boxes that sit against the cab of your truck if you are willing to sacrifice bed space, or tool boxes that fit under the bed of your truck, on the tailgate or even on a trailer hitch.

The dimensions of the box are important to your decision as well. Not every box will fit every truck. The crew at Trick Trucks can ensure that your box will fit neatly into your truck with all your tools in tow.