Bumpers & Winches

Bumpers and winches are essential gear for any off roader. Get the most adventure from your vehicle with our top rated bumpers and winches made to withstand the punishment that hard work and rugged off-roading can put on your vehicle. Our selection will keep you safe while you traverse back roads and explore even the most difficult terrain.


All vehicles come with bumpers, and they provide some degree of protection. But if your vehicle happens to be used for off-roading, not just any bumper will do. Our selection of bumpers are designed and built with hardcore wheeling in mind. Unlike standard factory-issue bumpers, our selections are tested specifically for challenges you face off roading. And with tons of styles and materials to choose from, you can be sure your new bumper will look as amazing as it functions. Protect yourself and your vehicle by working with our team to find the best fit for your lifestyle.


Serious off roaders know that winches are an essential safety device. Even experienced drivers find themselves in mud or a ditch. A winch is a pulling device to get you out of a tough spot or rescues a friend, comprised of a strong wound rope and a motor. There are two main types of winches: electric and hydraulically powered. Most mount to your vehicle’s front bumper. The hydraulic version is powered by the steering pump so it will run for as long as your engine is running. The electric winch is powered by the electrical system which does not have the power for continuous use. That said, electrical motors can provide five minutes of pulling power even on a dead engine. Our team can discuss your needs and lifestyle, and find the best winch for you.

Trick Trucks carries all the bumpers and winches you need for off roading from top engineered brands like:

  • Fab Fours
  • Warn
  • Trail FX
  • Iron Cross

Our team can help you choose the best bumper and winch for your vehicle. Contact us today.