Illuminate the road ahead with LED lights designed to withstand any conditions. Add custom lighting to the interior of your vehicle, or mount lighting systems on the exterior for off roading, increased visibility, or more. LED lights are built to withstand any weather and be extremely efficient, so they’ll be with you for the long haul. Our lights let you take your vehicle anywhere, anytime–we match your intensity.

Interior Lighting

Outfit your vehicle with interior lights for those camping trips, or nights on the beach. If you find yourself traveling with your vehicle, interior lighting is for you. See every inch of your vehicle, and set your mood with long lasting, efficient lighting that comes in many colors and styles. Our team will assess your vehicle and offer the best lighting solutions for your lifestyle.

Exterior Lighting

On those backroads at night you’ll want a system that lights the way–our LED lighting systems can withstand any weather, and light up any terrain. Safety is crucial and a good lighting system will power you through bad weather, objects on the road, or oncoming vehicles. Replace your existing headlights and tailights with brighter LEDs, or choose to add on light bars mounted on your hood, off-roading lights, tailgate lights, and more. See and be seen with top-quality lighting systems chosen by our experts.

Customize your lighting to fit your needs.

We believe your vehicle should have the best. Our experts will listen to you needs, and help you find the lighting systems that fit your price range and lifestyle. Choose from a wide range of colors, styles, and applications to get the look and feel you want.

Trick Trucks offers lighting kits from top quality brands:

  • Code3
  • Ecco Saftey
  • Heise LED
  • Oracle
  • PiAA
  • Westin
  • Whelen
  • Quake

Our team can help you light the way. Contact us today.

Strobe Lights

Staying safe on the job is critical. Strobe lights ensure safety and visibility in construction zones and inclement weather.

Emergency DOT

The Trick Trucks team provides parts, service, and maintenance for emergency DOT vehicles in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia.