Air Bag Systems

If your vehicle is sagging due to excess weight you are towing, you may not need to cut down on your load. You probably just need an air bag suspension kit. To much weight can cause braking problems, acceleration problems, and erratic steering. In short, it can be very unsafe. But just like airbags in you car keep you safe in event of a crash, air bag suspension systems keep you safe while you tow.

How Air Bag Systems Work

Your air bag suspension system works like a balloon. The system is designed to resist the weight of the frame of the vehicle, pump air in to keep the truck from squatting, and let air out when you’re not towing. This smooths out your ride, protects your vehicle from damage, and lets you haul safer, longer. If you use your towing capabilities, you should invest in an airbag suspension system to protect your vehicle and yourself.


  • The system can be adjusted so it either raises or lowers the truck, giving you more options. Driving on a smoothly paved road requires a different suspension level than a rocky dirt road.
  • The system makes your ride smoother, by helping balance acceleration issues, braking, stabilizes your steering, and reduces trailer sway. This makes for a much more comfortable, safer ride.
  • Even if you are never towing above your vehicles maximum, your vehicle may not be able to safely handle frequent hauling without an air bag system protecting it from bottoming out and wearing down the shocks.

Do I Need an Air Bag Suspension System?

If you only haul once in a blue moon, you may not need a suspension system. However, if you find yourself hooking up a trailer often, a suspension system will protect you and your truck.

Trick Trucks carries top-rated air bag suspension systems from Air Lift and Firestone.

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