Rain Guards & Bug Sheilds


Bugshields are small strips of acrylic or plastic that attach to the hood of your vehicle to protect against unwanted debris impacting your vehicle. They’re aerodynamically designed to protect the body and windshield of your truck. Additionally, these products are tested in wind tunnels to ensure proper airflow over your truck while sweeping away potentially harmful bugs, rocks, or sand and providing an extra layer of protection for your truck.

Bugshields not only protect your truck from Mother Nature, they can also complete the look of your truck. Low-profile shields follow the curve of your hood for a sleek style, while standard profile bugshields will stick out to absorb more damage with a more rugged look.

Bugshields can be installed with tape, screws or brackets. The experts at Trick Trucks can help you figure out the best fit for you.

Rain Guards

Rain guards are very similar to bugshield but instead of protecting from bugs rain guards sit at the top of your side windows to create a sort of canopy for your truck.

They allow you to crack your windows while it’s raining or to cool your truck down in a hot parking lot without sacrificing security. Rain guards can also help reduce wind noise while ensuring that you always have fresh air in the cab of your truck.

Just like bugshields, you can find rain guards in a multitude of colors and styles to fit your truck, and Trick Trucks has the experts to help you find them.