Fender Flares

Fender flares are the perfect addition to complete the look of your truck, giving it a bigger, meaner look, personalized to your style and attitude. They attach directly to the wheel well to give it a more unique appearance or to possibly cover up any damage to the surrounding area. Fender flares can also be used to accommodate larger tires, protecting your truck and other vehicles from whatever terrain your tires might kick up.

Fender flares come in a variety of sizes and styles depending on your needs or wants.

  • OE Style – Gives the truck a dealership or factory new appearance.
  • Pocket/Bolt – Stylized with exposed bolts for a more rugged look
  • Extended – Emphasized coverage of larger tires with a more subdued look
  • Flat – A flat flare made for Jeeps

Fender flares can be custom painted to match the color of your truck or contrast it with a popular matte black finish.

Two things to consider when selecting your fender flare are the height and tire coverage. The height of a fender flare extends upward from your fender for coverage over any possible damage or rust.

Tire coverage can be more important to owners of trucks with larger tires, as it measures how far the flare extends over the tire to catch any debris from the road or ground.

Whatever you’re looking for in a fender flare, the Trick Trucks team can help you find the perfect match for your truck.