Lift & Leveling Kits

Both lift kits and leveling kits are designed to lift the truck body away from the axles. This allows you to fit larger tires on the truck. Lifts are one of the most common modifications you’ll see both on and off road.

Leveling Kits

Leveling kits will give you about one to three inches of clearance. If you aren’t planning on doing any serious off-roading but still need some clearance for the tires, a leveling kit is the best option.

Lift Kits

Sometimes called suspension systems, lift kits are more involved than leveling kits. They will raise your truck between three and eight inches.
For off-roading needs, you can’t go wrong with a lift kit. It’ll give your vehicle the freedom to go over rocks, handle mud, and plow through deep snow. Lift kits are for adventurers and can give you a lot of ground clearance.

Choosing Between Lift Kits and Leveling Kits for Your Truck

Which type of kit you choose will depend on your needs.

Lift kits give you a lot more flexibility for larger tire and wheel packages, which is what you need for a tricked out custom truck or go off-roading. If you enjoy rolling up on the beach or playing in the woods, a lift kid is your best option.

Leveling kits level out the front end, are economical and give you a little more front-end clearance.

Finally, don’t forget about lift kit maintenance. If you choose a quality product, you won’t need to do much to maintain your mods. However, it’s still important to regularly make sure everything is up to safety standards.

Trick Trucks carries top quality lift kits and leveling kits from world-renowned brands:

  • BDS Suspension
  • Fab Tech
  • ICON
  • Rancho
  • Readylift
  • Rough Country
  • Super Lift
  • Super Spring
  • Zone Offroad

Our team can help you choose the right lift kit or leveling kit for your needs. Contact us today.