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Best Commercial Van Accessories of 2021

You know what they say: a clean, well-organized work environment is a productive work environment. For many tradesmen, your commercial van serves as your office space, allowing you to meet directly with customers and store all your supplies.

commercial van accessories

As with any work space, we understand you want your commercial van to have all the latest and greatest gadgets to ensure success on any project. Here are the top three commercial van accessories of 2021.

Portable Part Cases

Any type of storage in commercial vans can make life a thousand times easier. Shelving and cabinets allow you to stay organized and safe by keeping all your tools and cargo in place during travel. But, what if I told you there was a product that could enhance your storage even more?

Portable part cases make it even easier to transport items from the van to the worksite. These storage containers were designed to resemble briefcases, allowing individuals to easily carry all their different tools and parts in one convenient carrying case. This can greatly save time that would normally be spent walking back and forth from the van in order to get the correct piece you need. Instead, all the pieces you may or may not need will be right next to you.

Floor Drawers

Floor drawers are the perfect accessory for commercial van drivers looking to maximize storage space without wasting extra square feet. Floor drawers are horizontal storage containers that are perfect for concealing large, bulky items that do not necessarily fit on shelves or in cabinets.

There are a variety of different sizes to choose from, which means you can find the floor drawers that perfectly match your needs and fits your van. For the best results, we recommend installing the drawers near the rear or side doors. This allows you to easily slide out the drawer and access cargo without having to climb fully inside the van.

However, drivers can rest assured knowing floor drawers do not negatively affect the ability to climb in or out of the vehicle. Floor drawers are constructed using high-grade, reinforced material that allows both individuals and additional cargo to comfortably sit or stand on top.

Mobile Desks

No office is complete without a desk, which is why a mobile desk is one of the best commercial van accessories of the year. There are multiple styles and variations of mobile desks to choose from, including ones with a device mount, file folder, and compartments to hold office supplies.

Mobile desks are designed to sit off to the right-hand side of the driver’s seat. This location offers easy access during office hours and can be safely tucked away during travel. Just remember to always follow the law – never drive distracted.

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