Remote Start

Why Should I Consider Remote Start for my Truck?

truck-remote-startWith one fancy click of a button, you can start your vehicle. You don’t even have to be inside it. Installing remote start may seem like an unnecessary addition to your truck, but they are quickly becoming the way of the future. Often criticized as unsafe, remote starters have their some potential drawbacks, but for many truck owners the benefits outweigh the bad. If you’ve started to consider adding remote start feature to your truck, you should know about the exciting future that waits.

Temperature control

Whether you’re dealing with crippling heat or bone chilling cold, the temperature in your car will reflect it. Temperatures in a closed car can get incredibly high in the summer, while you might as well be getting into a freezer in the winter. Remote starters will help you make sure that you are cruising at a comfortable temperature. A few extra seconds of heat or air conditioning can make a world of difference.

On top of creating the perfect temperature for you, a remote starter can benefit the engine of your car as well. As was discussed in an earlier blog, truck engines don’t need much warm up in the winter, but about 30 seconds to one minute of warm up can be beneficial. With a remote starter, you don’t even have to leave the building to get your car ready to drive off. Even better, you’ll have a much easier time clearing snow and ice away if your car has already had a short chance to heat up.

Resale value

Remote starters are poised to become a fairly standard addition to plenty of new cars. When you spend a little bit of money having one installed in your truck, you’ll make it infinitely more desirable for new buyers. You’ll see this as an even bigger selling point if you live in an area that often sees extreme temperatures, especially snow.


Remote starters are often written off as unsafe. People say that a running vehicle is easier to steal. The truth is that while the engine is running, your car remains locked until you decide to unlock it, and a key is required in order to switch your truck out of park and into drive or reverse. Some remote starters even notify you if your vehicle’s security is being tampered with.

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