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The Benefits of Soft Tonneau Covers

Last week, we covered the Benefits of Hard Tonneau Covers. This week, we are going to focus our efforts on soft tonneau covers, which, like their hard-covered counterparts, have several unique benefits.

The Benefits of Soft Tonneau Covers

While hard tonneau covers typically consist of a single piece of fiberglass, soft tonneau covers consist of vinyl fabric attached to an aluminum frame clamped to the truck bed. And while soft tonneau covers do not provide the same level as security as a hard tonneau cover, they do still offer several benefits, including:

  • Access your ENTIRE Truck Bed: With hard tonneau covers, you do not have the option of fully opening your truck bed. That is unless you completely disconnect the cover from your truck. With a soft tonneau cover, you can roll up the vinyl fabric, enabling you to fully utilize your truck bed.
  • Keep your Cargo in Place: A tonneau will keep light items from blowing out on the road and keeps your cargo secure.
  • Style: Soft tonneau covers just look good.
  • Protect your Cargo from the Elements: Keep wind, rain, snow, dirt and harsh sun from damaging your bed and cargo.
  • Improve your Truck’s Fuel Economy: A soft tonneau cover reduces drag and improves gas mileage by as much as 12%. And, in today’s economy, with these gas prices, this one is extremely beneficial.

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