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What To Do If Your Car or Truck Becomes Flooded or Submerged

truck flooded
If your truck gets flooded there are a few precautions you should take before you can get back on the road.

It’s been a wet summer for much of the East Coast, and a number of areas in the Baltimore-Washington region have been in danger of flooding. Many drivers are facing the very real possibility of their car or truck being submerged in a torrent of rainwater. Nearly half of all flood-related deaths occur in vehicles, says the National Weather Service. Here’s what you should do if your vehicle has been flooded.

Do Not Start Your Car

If your car has been submerged by water, you should not try to start it without first having a technician perform a thorough inspection and cleaning. For those who live in coastal areas, salt water can be particularly damaging to your car’s components. Even if your car starts up on the first try, flood water can cause long term wear and damage to your car’s engine, transmission, fuel, brake, power steering and electrical systems.

Have Patience

If you’re calling AAA or another roadside assistance service, be patient, as you probably won’t be the only one during a flood. Typically, the AAA will handle dead batteries, flat tires, lockouts and other minor service issues. Truck drivers can drive through about 18 inches of water to pull submerged vehicles. Extensive disassembly and a thorough cleaning may be required for cars that have been completely or partially submerged. If the cost to restore exceeds the car’s value, an insurance company will consider it “totaled.”


Be extra cautious when venturing out during heavy storms, especially if you live on higher ground. Areas adjacent to rivers, dips in the road, and viaducts are very susceptible to flooding. You should never assume that standing water is shallow enough. Listen to what local authorities have to say about road conditions, and don’t risk a trip that could leave your car submerged. In case your car does become submerged while driving, remain calm. Your car will remain afloat long enough for you to make an escape. Immediately unlock the doors and exit through open windows.

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