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Bed Cover Buying Guide

Truck Bed Cover
Need more storage but refuse to get a car? How about getting a truck bed cover?

Truck bed covers are made for the people who want to keep their belongings to themselves as well as keep their truck beds looking nice. If you need a lot of storage but just can’t bring yourself to buy a car, bed covers are for you. But here at Trick Trucks, we sell and install many kinds of covers, so which one is for you?

Hard Covers

These truck bed covers offer the looks, coverage, and durability most truck owners want for their beds. The hard shell makes it hard to cut, tear, or be broken into. These covers are made to protect your belongings. The connections to the bed rails make this cover perfect for keep rain, snow, and dirt out of your bed. They are available in multiple colors and complete the look of any truck.

Soft Roll Up Covers

This retractable cover is made of heavy vinyl with aluminum frames. Perfect for keeping the elements out, the cargo can stay dry without having to put any holes into your truck. Some roll up covers open using a trigger latch, while other have a snap. Some models even close with Velcro. Owners can pick from a variety of colors and can choose from a range of budget options.

Hinged Covers

Opening like a regular car trunk, these truck beds are meant to provide easy access to cargo. This model is the most convenient as it can be removed easily for larger loads that won’t fit under it. There are also a multitude of manufacturers to choose from and also several styles. Styles include a ragtop or a hard fiberglass model. The fiberglass model can be painted to give your cover an added customization. Because of the features of this model, they range in the moderate to high price levels.

Retractable Covers

Retractable covers offer the security owners are looking for and the convenience of a soft top. They are made from heavy duty aluminum panels that provide a sleek, modern style as well as security. These covers can come with no drilling installation but instead use a clamping mechanism to reduce installation time. They come in many colors but black remains to most common. They are coated with moisture resistance and can come with a push-button opening mechanism.

These are not your grandpa’s bed covers that block the view and can’t be removed whenever you want. These bed covers are made to keep you and your belongings safe even when you aren’t around. They are like having the space of a car but the awesome ride of a truck.

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