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Buying Guide: Leather versus Cloth Interior

Leather vs. Cloth interior
Should you opt for the luxurious leather option or save your money and choose the standard cloth interior?

When purchasing your new car, there are so many options to choose from. From a six CD changer radio to heated seats and side mirrors. But there is another important option to choose between, what kind of interior do you want? The average person will have this car for six or more years so this is a tough decision to make when you think of how long you will have this purchase. So, should you go with the standard cloth interior or splurge on the leather seats?

Leather Interior

Leather seats just scream luxury car at the top of their little lungs. These seats can be cleaned with a wet rag or leather cleaner so they are relatively easy to keep clean. The costs of leather seats are quite expensive. You can expect to pay between $300 up to $2,500 for a new car with leather seats. If you are a “green” person, these are not the seats for you. When it boils down to it, leather is made from cows and is not very humane or environmentally friendly. However, there is an option for “fake” leather seats, otherwise known as vinyl seating. No matter if you go for the real leather or vinyl seats, these seats are not as low maintenance as they appear. Although they are easy to clean, they do have to have regular maintenance in order to maintain their supple appearance. If you think about all the things that go on in your car, it isn’t hard to imagine that they go through a lot. You seat, spill liquids on occasion, eat, have dust, and occasionally find a bit of mystery gunk on your seats. This is all a part of life but you will need to condition your seats in order for them not to crack, harden, or wear out. Another worry for drivers is the “butt burn” factor. We can assure you this is a very real thing. In the summer, your car seats will heat up and burn your bum. And in the winter, you will practically freeze until your car gets heated up. A good way to protect your bum and legs is to put a towel or cover on the seat while it is not in use.

Cloth Interior

Cloth seats come standard in almost every car, truck, and SUV so they will not cost you extra for them. Unlike leather, cloth material is breathable and will be more comfortable for the summer and winter months. You can also find heated cloth seats with different companies including Dodge, Ford, and Hyundai. Cloth seats are also easier to maintain than their counterpart. With a good steam and vacuuming, these car seats will stay in good condition. But they are prone to staining so never underestimate the power of a stain remover or steam cleaner to get out those stains.

While these are both good options, your choices should be based on the time and energy you want to invest into your upholstery. If you want the luxury and don’t mind spending some time maintaining it, then the choice is clearly leather interior. But if you want something a little easier, choose a cloth interior. Whichever you choose, make sure they are will be able to live with your choice for the six or more years that the average person owns a car. The choice is yours!

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