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Choosing the Right Mats to Handle Spring Weather

Choosing the Right Floor Mats to Handle Unpredictable Spring Weather
Whether you’re planning a spring road trip, or you’d like to go off-roading instead, you need to the right floor mats for your truck.

Whether you’re planning a spring road trip, or you’d like to go off-roading instead, you need to the right floor mats for your vehicle. We’ve seen bizarre weather forecasts that may or may not come true – from high winds to snow falling while the sun is out. No matter what vehicle you drive, keep it clean with these mat ideas.

Regular Floor Mats

Also known as standard floor mats, these are the ones you’ll come across the most often. You can depend on it to keep stains from rain, mud, and snow or sleet. Yes, believe it or not, sometimes, snow still falls in the spring, even if it doesn’t stick for too long. Ridges and other patterns embedded on the mats can pull dirt and other debris from your shoes, but it won’t damage or sully the floorboards of your car or truck.

Even when it’s wet, you can feel safe knowing you won’t slip or trip – which is supremely important when you’re carrying heavy bags of tools, firewood, or other cargo you’re trying to hold.

Liners on the Floor

No matter what floor mats you have, they won’t be the same without the right liners. These liners act as rugs for your floorboards and help protect the upholstery and carpeting on the floor. Advanced technology in leading brands of floor liners means that they’ll stay in place no matter what happens to them, and they won’t make it uncomfortable for you by cutting into your legroom or foot space.

Low Mats

Depending on how high or low your floor mats are in the cabin, they might get in your way. Now that we’ve discussed standard floor mats and floor liners let’s check out the last option you can consider. These are known as low profile floor mats. They’re lighter than their counterparts but still provide as much protection against the weather. Since they’re made of rubber or vinyl, they are flexible enough to fit into whatever space you assign them to; that way, they won’t move or shift when you least expect it. So don’t be worried about a possible distraction while you’re trying to stay focused on the road ahead or feel concerned that you’ll need to spend a fortune cleaning out the carpets in your truck.

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