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What Colors Can You Choose for Your Tail Lights?

What Colors Can You Choose for Your Tail Lights?
How often do you think about your tail lights?

How often do you think about your tail lights? Typically, unless you’ve been pulled over for a tail light being out, you don’t pay them any mind. But one way to make your car or truck to stand out from all the others is to customize the color you choose for your tail lights. These aesthetic touches are, for the most part, completely legal to use out on the street, but do remember to exercise some common sense. After all, you’ll want to make sure the road is as safe for other drivers as you’d like it to be for you.  


You might think that black tail lights would make the actual signals harder to see. The signals can still show, though. With black tail lights in place, you can give off the impression that you don’t want to conform and that you’re just a little bit rebellious. The devil’s in the details since the red lights in the black casing stand out more than a red, yellow, and orange light would in a standard tail light. Speaking of red tail lights, let’s have a look at those next.


If you’re looking for something even more striking, then red tail lights might just be what you’re looking for; these lights are round and easy to install on whatever vehicle you are driving this spring. Several brands are available for you to experiment with and see which one suits you best. Even though red is a lucky color, you could also be in the mood to play around with something a bit more metallic.


Using chrome can make the back of your ride look even more imposing. Perhaps even more striking than red or black, the choice is ultimately up to you whether you’d like these, or the clear tail lights we’ll look at next.


These are the most obvious and most common choice. But when it comes to making your vehicle safer to drive and safer for other drivers to encounter, sometimes you’ll find that less is more and simpler is better. With these installed, you can better showcase the special light bulbs you wanted to try out, but again, don’t get too out of hand with the light bulb colors. You don’t want to blind anyone else and cause an accident.

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