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Getting Your Truck Ready for Summer

Getting your truck ready for summer
Make sure your truck is ready for your summer road trips!

Before you hit the beach or your favorite vacation spot, now is the time you want to get your truck ready for summer. Dust, heat, and stop-and-go traffic can all take a toll on your truck. While you can’t stop these elements, you can provide your truck with preventative maintenance to help its performance. Let’s take a look at a few tips for getting your truck ready for the summer of 2016.

Prepare Your Air Conditioning

If your air conditioning isn’t up to par, it is going to fail in the heat of the summer. Before setting out on a road trip, you should have your truck inspected by a qualified technician. If you have a newer model, your owner’s manual should have information on cabin air filters that clean the air entering your air conditioning system. The owner’s manual will let you know how often you should replace your filters. Even if you think everything is running smoothly, you don’t want to risk being stuck in extreme temperatures on a long road trip. Get your air conditioning checked now, and you will thank yourself later!

Check Your Tires

You know the rule, but are you rotating your tires after every 5,000 miles? You should always check the air pressure in your tires at least once a month, and you should especially check them before you take a long trip during the summer. Also, don’t forget to check your spare tire to make sure that it is properly inflated and in good condition. When you check your tires, keep an eye out for tread life, cupping, uneven wearing, cuts, and nicks.

Check Your Battery

Batteries don’t care what season it is, as they always find the most inconvenient time to fail. The only way that you are going to be able to detect a bad battery is through professional equipment. You can help extend the life of your battery through routine care by scraping away corrosion, cleaning the surface, and re-tightening all your connections. But while you’re doing this, always make sure to have on protective gear. You will want to have on eye protection and rubber gloves.

Truck Lights & Brakes

Finally, the most important elements to check before a summer trip are your truck’s lights and brakes. You obviously can’t afford to have issues with any of these things when you are going out of town. Inspect your lights, as dirt and insects can dim the brightness of your lights. Even if you think you have just a minor brake problem, make sure to get it looked at before your trip.

Get Your Truck Ready for Summer

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