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Signs You Need New Headlights

Headlights help to protect your vehicle in the rain and at night. But how will you know when you need to change them?

Few things are more frustrating than a burned out headlight on a dark night or during a rough summer thunderstorm. Here are some ways to tell if you’ll need to change out your truck’s headlight soon (and prevent the stress of a burned out bulb).

Headlights 101

Your truck has a headlight on each side of the front of the vehicle. The headlight bulbs are protected by a layer of clear plastic. Headlight bulbs are incredibly fragile, so it’s important to be careful when handling and replacing them. Depending on the age of the truck, you may need to remove both the plastic and the bulb to properly replace the headlight.

Dimming Light

Just like the light bulb in your desk lamp, headlight bulbs are initially very bright and clear. As your truck ages, cloudiness and scratches on the clear plastic lens may affect the level of light emitting from your headlights.  Regularly washing your truck and cleaning off the lens can help prevent build-up that may decrease your bulb’s effectiveness. It’s normal for headlights to slowly dim as they age. However, if you notice a sudden decrease in the quality of light while you’re driving, especially if it is hard to see very far in front of you, it’s time to change out the bulbs.

Flickering Light

It can be very scary if you’re driving your truck and the headlights suddenly begin to flicker on and off. While not worthy of panic, this is an urgent sign that your headlight bulbs are about to completely die. Ensure that you take your truck into a reliable mechanic as soon as possible to replace your headlights.

No Light

If you have put off the warning signs so far, this sign will stop you in your tracks (or parking space). When your headlights will not turn on at all, you must get them replaced immediately to ensure your safety, your compliance with the law, and the safety of everyone else on the road. It is not safe to operate any vehicle that does not have both headlights in good working order.

Remove the Guesswork

Have a headlight bulb on your truck you aren’t sure about? Trick Trucks is happy to service your vehicle and make sure your lights won’t go out any time soon! With over forty years of experience servicing trucks, we have the expertise and equipment you need. Contact Trick Trucks online or by calling 1-866-60-TRICK. To find out more about our services and trucks, follow us on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube.