Trailer Hitches

Have You Tried These Trailer Hitch Accessories?

Do you plan on hauling massive loads of cargo with you this fall? Whether you’re taking the family on a camping trip and bringing a trailer with you, or you want to go fishing and need a boat, your truck can surprise you with how much it can pull behind it. Consider these trailer hitch accessories for your truck or SUV the next time you hit the road.

Hitch Covers

How often do you take care of your truck’s receiver? A hitch cover can keep it clean and fabulous whenever you’re not actively using it. Hitch covers often come in many different styles, and also show off something about you, namely your favorite sports team because that squad’s logo can be emblazoned on the cover. Hitch covers take full advantage of both form and function.

Hitch Lights

Wherever you go this fall, you should know that sundown comes much earlier than it did over the summer. If what you’re hauling is a trailer and you need to see during the dark hours between sunset and sunrise, consider adding some hitch lights. These LED lights will blaze you a path and help you see better, on the road and off of it, too. So if you want to challenge the rough and rugged off-road paths around you, go right ahead!

Hitch Steps

Sometimes, you might need an extra boost. If you have roof racks or need to reach deeper into your truck bed, a hitch step might come in handy. With a hitch step installed, a receiver can quickly turn into a ladder. Make loading up your truck or SUV easier on yourself with this type of trailer hitch accessory. Best of all, you can find them in all shapes and sizes, especially if you need a foot pad to keep from slipping off in wet and dreary weather.

Hitch Protectors

Lastly, your hitch step could do with some more protection. Given how often you’re likely to be climbing up and down while moving something bulky, you don’t want to dent or damage your bumper. After all, the bumper will protect the back end of your vehicle. Sometimes, trailer hitch accessories can function as more than one type of item; hitch protectors also serve as hitch steps, but with an extra layer of defense for you and your truck.

Trailer Hitch Accessories and More From Trick Tricks

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