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Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Ride

Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Ride
Some preventative maintenance can go a long way, just follow these tips!

Halloween is coming up in less than two weeks, and there’s little doubt that it’s the spookiest, creepiest time of year. But there’s nothing as scary as breaking down next to a graveyard or on a supposedly haunted bridge. To keep all that from happening, you should practice a little tender loving scare – care, rather – for your ride this October. Some preventative maintenance can go a long way, just follow these tips!

Change Your Oil

Our first preventative maintenance tip is to check on your ride’s oil. If your car needs an oil change, don’t keep postponing it. Like most things in life, the more you procrastinate, the worse off you will be later. When something is wrong with your vehicle’s oil,  it can lead to bigger problems that you might not be aware of yet. Rely on the information you can find in your owner’s manual on how to change your oil yourself.

These instructions are written in plain language and will tell you how far you can go before the next time you need another oil check. But listen up, because it’s still entirely possible to do this wrong. You might end up with less oil than you want, which affects how efficiently your engine will run. Anytime you sense a problem, you need to see the professionals.

Replace Your Filters

Our second tip for preventative maintenance involves replacing your air filters. Changing your air filters allows your engine to breathe better. If you’ve been congested due to allergies lately, then know you exactly how your truck feels. Many engine problems start with a clogged air filter. Clogs can cause a myriad of issues such less airflow reaching your engine, potential overheating, disappointing performance, and ultimately, expensive repairs. Again, consult your owner’s manual to see how long you can go without refreshing your air filters.

Inspect Your Brake Pads

Our last tip has to do with your automobile’s brake pads. How do you know when the brakes need to be serviced or upgraded? There’s always that telltale screaming. That noise isn’t just coming from a victim in that late night movie you were watching about teenagers being teenagers – it’s a symptom that your brake pads have worn out. Worn brake pads put both you and your passengers in danger. Every 20,000-25,000 miles or so, you should get your pads changed. A tire rotation procedure is also another good time to get your brake pads checked out.

Preventative Maintenance Tips and More From Trick Tricks

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