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Backup Cameras on Trucks Come with Visible Positives

Backup Cameras TrucksOne of the most difficult routines a driver faces is shifting the vehicle into reverse gear and backing up.  Nothing about it feels natural, no matter one’s driving style.  If you use your mirrors, you only have a few small points of visibility.  If you twist your head or body, you contort yourself into a knot and you still can’t see everything.  Any inability to see is concerning and dangerous for any driver, even when the task is just to back out of a parking space or driveway.  This is even more painful when children or small objects can cross the path of the car without the driver noticing.  Even worse, trucks and SUVs are even more susceptible to this issue due to their designs.

The Blind Sides

The places a driver can’t see are called “blind zones”.  They exist on every vehicle, from motorcycles to tractor trailers.  They originally prompted the advent of mirrors, which are now standard on all vehicles.  Mirrors help a lot while driving at road speeds where they can help prevent merging accidents, but they can only help so much when reversing out of tightly-packed shopping mall spaces or in neighborhoods with active children.  Trucks and other large vehicles suffer even more greatly from this than sedans due to extended rear compartments or other design features.  For these types of vehicles, objects or young people within an average of 27 feet of the very rear of the car are at risk for injury because drivers simply cannot see them with head-checks or mirrors.  This is a very dangerous situation in locations where children of a young age regularly run around.

Seeing the Signs

Thankfully, new innovations in motor vehicle technology are always on the horizon.  As such, a new answer to a problem as old as trucks themselves is now available: rear-view backup cameras.  Many car companies have already played numerous commercials on television for this advent, touting increased safety for the driver and anyone or anything unfortunate enough to sit behind the vehicle at the time it reverses.  The science backs up the claims, too.  The average reduction of blind zones for trucks and SUVs in one study was an astounding 90 percent—cutting the blind zone from 27 feet to 2.7 feet, or less than a meter.  The cameras project a motion image onto a screen in the dashboard of the vehicle, where the driver can see it safely and comfortably.  Along with backup cameras, parking sensors can help drivers by providing an audible notation of nearby obstacles They can cut down blind zones by an extra two or three percent, just for that extra edge of safety.

See the Difference

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