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The Benefits of Truck Bed Covers

Truck Bed Covers

It’s snowing, windy, and your best friend just asked you to help him move because he knows you have a truck.  You are immediately glad that you bought a new truck bed cover so items do not fly out or get ruined in the process. Your friend asks, “Do we even need a cover?” Naturally, you then have to give him all of the reasons why using a cover in the winter is necessary.

Covers are needed for hauling furniture and loose odds and ends.

Truck bed covers will hold your friend’s dresser in place and prevent his socks from flying out into the snowy abyss. Since your friend is moving to an urban setting, he needs to transport his personal items securely and safely.  Truck bed covers will do the job, keeping belongings out of sight and making it time consuming for nosy thieves to reach in and grab something. Accessories such as locks for the cover are also a plus when leaving items in the truck for long periods of time.

There are multiple types of truck bed covers.

There are various forms of Tonneau covers, providing easy access to the truck bed. Various styles include a tri-fold, a roll up cover, a flip cover, and a regular folding cover. If you are going with a Tonneau cover, pick the one easiest for you to use and the most capable of covering the goods in the truck bed. Some covers are made of aluminum which are durable and can withstand storms. Other truck bed covers made of canvas allow for more storage space in the bed. This type of cover would be best used when helping your friend move because it allows for maximum space and oddly shaped items. Another type of truck bed cover is a camper shell, which is usually aluminum or fiberglass. This type of shell is ideal for camping as it can be tall and has a door and windows for easy exit and entry.

Weather affects your truck bed.

Not only does a truck bed cover protect the bed from snow, wind, and hail, it also saves it from heat in the summer months. Sunlight can be damaging to items in the truck. A truck bed cover also drastically reduces the drag of the truck, enabling the truck to get more mileage per gallon of gas. Driving to your friend’s new house will cost less and keep his furniture dry.

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