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Fuel Efficiency Tricks for Your Truck

Fuel Efficiency TruckYou’ve carefully chosen your truck. You’ve spent hard-earned cash perfecting it and tailoring it and you’ve finally got your dream car. Now, thanks to outrageous gas prices, you spend each mile calculating how much fuel you are using instead of enjoying the open road. With a few simple tricks, fuel efficiency won’t be on your mind anymore.

Practice fuel efficient driving

  1. When you’ve got the truck to back you up, it’s easy to get aggressive on the roads, but it turns out that many of the anger-driven moves that drivers make, can cost them precious dollars in gas. Stay calm, cool and collected, and improve your fuel efficiency.
  2. Avoid idling. Sitting in the cab of your truck to warm it up before a wintry drive, or cool it down after a summer cruise simply isn’t necessary. While you’re sitting still, your engine is eating up fuel and costing you money.
  3. On that note, skip the drive thru. If you simply turn off your truck and head inside, you’ll avoid idling and excessive starting and stopping, saving you fuel.
  4. Think ahead when driving your daily route, and anticipate. If you’re focused on your truck’s next move, your acceleration and braking will smooth out and you won’t have to slam on the brakes as often. It’s simple, but effective.
  5. Don’t speed. We all do it. We all should stop. Fuel efficiency decreases as speed increases past 60 miles per hour, so speeding is not your wallet’s friend.
  6. Avoid using you’re A/C frivolously. If you’re driving under 50 mph, opt for open windows instead. For highway driving, A/C is actually a better option than windows to cut down on wind resistance.

Practice good truck maintenance

  1. If your check engine light turns on, have your engine checked. Follow the guidelines of good maintenance, and your fuel efficiency won’t hit any unnecessary hurdles.
  2. Don’t skip the car wash next time you fill up. When mud, dust and bugs are allowed to accumulate on the outside of your truck, it can increase drag. Clean trucks are fuel efficient ones.
  3. Keep the bed of your truck empty as often as possible. Unloading your truck is another major way to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency. If that isn’t an option, truck bed covers are a great way to create the same effect.
  4. Maintain good tires. When tires are under inflated it forces your engine to work much harder.

Fuel efficiency is a problem for everyone, but it gets even trickier when you drive a truck. These few simple tricks can add a load to your bank account and take a load off of your mind.

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