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The Truck Bed Extender Guide

Truck bed extenders
Truck bed extenders can give add up to two feet onto your truck bed.

When it comes time to choose a new vehicle, many people choose the height, power, and storage of a truck over the dozens of other model cars on the lot. Truck beds are versatile when it comes to storage. From hauling home new furniture or groceries to making taking old items to the thrift store, truck beds can do it all! But what happens when you opted for that six foot bed but need to haul something over that? That is where bed extenders come in!

Benefits of Truck Bed Extenders

Bed extenders can add two more feet onto your bed. They are perfect for those large loads that need to be hauled. These cage-like devices flip back and forth and hook effortlessly into place once they are professionally installed. Put the tailgate down and flip the extender toward you for an extra two feet of storage space. Flip the extender away from you and put up the tailgate for a small storage compartment that will keep your groceries from flying all over your truck bed. Extenders are great for carrying all types of cargo from big to small loads. Need to haul something without the extender, no problem! They can be removed simply and almost effortlessly. You’ll be glad you bought one at Trick Trucks when you need to haul that sectional you just bought!

Styles of Truck Bed Extenders

Before purchasing your truck bed extender, it is important to know what kind of extender you want for your truck. There are three different styles of extenders that do different things. The first and most popular style is the standard extender. Used for general hauling, this extender can be made of metal and plastic and is a cage design. The next extender is attached to the trailer hitch and looks like an extendable arm. It is generally used for hauling “payloads” like lumber or pipes and is for commercial uses. The next style is called a bed slide. It is installed in the bed itself and rolls out of the bed for easy access to stored cargo. This is designed for drivers whose truck beds are always full of tools and supplies.

When deciding on your extender, take into consideration the uses as well as the design of your new bed. It is important to note that not all bed extenders are available for all truck makes and models. For the best results, speak with your Trick Truck representative to discuss the uses of your new extender.

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