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What’s On Your Floors?

Cover your car's floors
Whether you have floor mats or floor liners, you should have something on your floors at all times!

As the seasons begin to change, you should start to wonder if your truck’s floor mats will hold up to the seasons ahead. Over the next several months, you’ll have to clean with dead leaves, mud, food spills from after school snacks, snow, and salt. So are your standard mats up to the job or should you invest in rubber floor liners to help keep up with the dirt and grime of the season? Well, let’s explore the differences!

Floor Mats

Floor mats come standard in almost every car sold today. They are heavy duty pieces of rubber designed to fit on the floor of your car. They usually come with matching carpeting attached to the top of the mat so they will blend in. Most will have cleats or studs on the bottom of the mats to affix themselves to the floor of the car. They can also come with channels around the raised edges of the mat. These channels are to hold dirt and water in order to keep your feet dry. Because they come standard in most cars, they are less expensive than floor liners. Going for cheap mats can pose a danger to the person driving in the car. Although they may look cute, cheap, aftermarket mats can be thin on the bottom and not have the cleats to cling to your carpeting. These cheap designs can wrinkle and slide around the floors which could be dangerous for the driver. It could become lodged under the accelerator, brake, or clutch pedal.

Floor Liners

Floor liners are molded to the shape of your vehicle’s interior to provide the perfect fit. Unlike floor mats, which can be installed by the vehicle’s owner, liners will need to be custom made and installed by a professional installer. They will actually take the place of carpeting and be custom fitted to the shape of the vehicle’s floor to provide complete protection to the bare metal floor beneath. They offer wall to wall protection as well as go under seats to provide the ultimate protection. Quality liners are made from thick rubber with deep wells located between raised ridges. These will help to keep liquids and debris from building under the passenger or driver’s feet. Liners provide all around protection and are ideal for vehicles driving in harsh weather conditions like trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs.

No matter what kind of floor covering you choose for your car, there should be something to help protect your car’s carpeting. General wear and tears on your car floors are enough to ruin the flooring. Shoes can cause your floors to tear, snags, unraveling, and can even cause the flooring to pull away from the walls of the cabin. Not only will these coverings protect the original flooring, but it will help stop spills, burns, and other residues from soaking into your carpets. Spills and liquids can soak into the carpets and grow mold or mildew. For more information on your vehicles ideal floor covers, contact your Trick Truck representative!

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