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Top Things You Should Carry in Your Vehicles

vehicle emergency kit
Are you prepared for any emergency?

Too many people wish they were carrying a certain item in their vehicle after they needed it. Now, it’s true that some people can go overboard when it comes to keep items in the trunk of their vehicle. That’s why Trick Trucks wanted to share with our readers the essential items everyone should always have on hand.

Items for Vehicle Emergencies

Before planning for yourself, start out by focusing on everything that your car will need in case of an emergency. It’s great if you have a spare tire ready to go, but do you have a tire jack and a tire iron? A spare tire is pretty much uselessly without those tools. You should also have a tire inflator and tire sealer on hand. Sometimes, you may just need to plug a leak before you can get your vehicle to the auto shop. We’ve all seen someone in a parking lot with a dead battery, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t have a set of jumper cables in their cars. You can’t always rely on that a Good Samaritan will come along and loan you their jumper cables, so you have to make sure that you have a set of your own.

Personal Items for Vehicle Emergencies

Sometimes, you may have an emergency that isn’t directly related to your vehicle. Maybe you get stuck in a remote location, or maybe you or a passenger sustains an injury while you’re driving. It’s not fun to think about those scenarios, but you always have to be prepared no matter what. Some items you definitely want to start keeping in your vehicle are:
• First aid kits
• Flashlights
• Matches
• Protein bars
• Water bottles
• Seat belt cutters and window breakers
• Flares
• Maps
Again, hopefully, you will never have to use these items. But if you do, you will thank yourself for stocking them in your vehicle.
Stocking Items for Convenience in Vehicles

Not every item you stock in your car has to be for emergencies. Sometimes, it’s just nice to have things for convenience. Have you ever approached a toll and started to panic, realizing you didn’t have any cash to pay? Well, one way to avoid that situation is to keep a roll of quarters in your vehicle. Another tip to make driving easier is to keep recycled shopping bags to use for trash in your car. Trash can quickly clutter up any vehicle, but placing everything in a bag is an easy way to avoid a huge mess. Also, it never hurts to have a pen or pencil and a notepad you can write on. You never know when you may need it!

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