Trailer Hitches

Hitchin’ a Ride: The Guide to Trailer Hitches

Trailer hitch options
Trailer hitches can be beneficial to subcompact cars that are in dire need of space. Call Trick Trucks today for your best trailer hitch options!

Trailer hitches can be a life saver for work and everyday life. People who don’t want to get their truck beds scratched, dented, or dirty can hook up a trailer and pull their cargo without worrying about cleaning up the bed afterwards. People with cars are able to pull more things when their trunks are full and they don’t have to worry about cramming their car with stuff. But how do you know what trailer hitches to hook up to your car or truck? Can a subcompact car use a trailer hitch? Well, we have the answers!

Class I

This class of hitches is made for subcompact and sedans, SUVs, vans, light weight and heavy duty trucks. The maximum gross trailer weight they can pull is 2,000 pounds and the maximum tongue weight (downward force on the hitch ball) is 200 pounds. They can pull items such as a jet ski, motorcycle, bike racks, and a cargo box.

Class II

These hitches can pull a maximum of 3,500 pounds with a maximum tongue weight of 350 pounds. They are made for all vehicles except subcompact cars and can tow small trailers, small boats, and 2 utility vehicles as well as the items from the Class I hitch.

Class III

Class III hitches can pull up to 6,000 pounds and has a tongue weight of 600 pounds. These hitches are for bigger vehicles such as SUVs, vans, light duty, and heavy duty trucks. They can tow everything from the previous categories as well as medium trailers and fishing boats.

Class IV

These hitches can pull a gross trailer weight of 12,000 pounds and have a maximum tongue weight between 1,000 to 1,200 pounds. These hitches can be used with SUVs, vans, light and heavy duty trucks. They can tow everything from a small cargo box to midsize campers and boats.

Class V

Class V hitches can pull a gross trailer weight of 18,000 pounds with a tongue weight of 1,800 pounds. This hitch is made for heavy duty trucks and can tow everything listed as well as large RVs and large trailers. This type of hitch was used when a Toyota Tundra moved the Spaceship Endeavor from the Los Angeles airport to the California Science Center.

The type of trailer hitch you might use will depend on your car as well as your car’s gross combination weight rating, which is the maximum weight a loaded vehicle and trailer can hold. To talk to someone about your best towing options, call Trick Trucks!

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