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Your Guide to Winches

Winches for SUVs
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When it comes to adding features onto your SUV, there is nothing more useful than a winch. Whether you need to help a friend who stuck in a mud patch or need to get yourself out of a sticky situation, a winch will help. But how do you know which type of winch is right for your SUV? Well, let’s explore them!

Choosing a Winch for Your Needs

Winches are ideal for extracting yourself from sticky situations, rescuing your friends from those situations, assisting in your workday, and making your vehicle versatile. A winch is a machine that is used for hoisting or hauling. It is basically a drum, a cable, a motor, a fairlead, a gear train, a braking system, a clutch, a control box, and a remote control. When choosing the right winch for you, you have some decisions to make about the parts of your winch.

Types of Fairleads to Choose From

There are two types of fairleads you can choose from when choosing a winch: a hawse and a roller. The hawse fairlead is an oval-shaped opening with smooth edges. It is the basic fairlead and works best with synthetic cables. Roller fairleads have a rectangular opening with a rolling cylinder on each side. These cylinders gently guide the cable back onto the drum. Steel ropes work best on these because they reduce splintering.

Electric versus Hydraulic Winches

There are the two main types of winches on the market today. Electric winches are easily installed and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can also be installed on a wide variety of vehicles. Another plus for these winches is removability. These winches can be taken off when you are not using them and put back on when they are needed. Unfortunately, these winches are also attached to your vehicles battery and can drain them if you aren’t careful. They are designed for intermittent pulls, not for long ones. There motors also create a lot of heat, which can damage it if it becomes too hot. Hydraulic winches draw power from the power steering pump of your vehicle. They operate well with continuous pulls and can rescue your friend in a short amount of time without having to stop. They also operate under a cooler temperature than electronic winches. The downfalls of this type of winch are an involved installation and a narrower selection. Your winch will need to be professionally installed in order for it to be hooked up with the power steering pump. These winches are also not universal and only fit a number of vehicles. They are also “bare-bones.” You will not find fancy trimmings or features on this winch, but they are worth it!


When choosing a winch for your vehicle, speak to someone who has a track record of installing these types of winches in your vehicle. Call Trick Trucks for more information on having your winch installed!

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