Weekender Ladder Rack vs. Traditional Ladder Rack

Before purchasing a truck accessory, it is important to always do your research. This will help ensure your investment is the right fit for you and ultimately prevent you from ending up stuck with something you regret buying months down the road.

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With the summer months quickly approaching, we recognize more and more truck owners will be looking to outfit their trucks with a ladder racks for all the upcoming warm weather activities. To help them make the right decision, we have compiled a guide to help drivers choose the right ladder racks for them, whether that be the weekender or the traditional ladder rack.

Traditional Ladder Rack

Traditional ladder racks have an over-cab design that provides secure storage for ladders and other large cargo items while freeing up space in the truck bed. This is a great choice for truck owners that plan on regularly using their vehicle to transport large items, both for work and personal life.

Given the overhead design, a traditional ladder rack allows for an increased load capacity of up to 1,000 pounds. Plus, many traditional ladder racks have a removable rear crossbar to allow drivers to easily load large items in the truck bed. However, if you already have items loaded onto the ladder rack, it might prove difficult to load tall items into the truck bed.

The ladder rack itself is not adjustable, but the tie downs and end caps can easily be adjusted to secure any and all types or sizes of cargo.

Weekender Ladder Rack

A weekender ladder rack is the perfect solution for drivers who have the occasional need to carry ladders, kayaks, bikes, home renovation materials, or other long materials. While traditional racks cover the entirety of the truck bed, weekender racks only cover one side of the bed.

Drivers can choose to install their ladder rack on the driver’s side or passenger side of the vehicle. However, the best part about a weekender is the ability to easily install and uninstall the rack when it is not being used. This easy installation process also means it can easily be switched from side to side if needed.

Many weekender ladder racks offer an adjustable load bar, meaning drivers can make the rack bigger or smaller to accommodate different sized ladders and objects. Since this product is only half the size as a traditional ladder rack, the maximum load capacity is only an average of 250 pounds.

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