Avoid These Common SummerTime Car Problems

The summer heat is not just hard on people, it can be detrimental to vehicles as well. That is why it is so important to not only know common summertime car problems, but also how to prevent them.

summertime car problems

Dead Battery

High temperatures can make your car battery work harder, which can reduce its lifespan and efficiency. It can also cause the battery fluid to evaporate, resulting in a dead or malfunctioning battery.

To avoid problems, make sure your battery is clean and in good condition. If the engine is slow or the battery appears bloated, have a professional check to see if it is functioning properly. Car batteries should be replaced every 3-5 years to prevent additional damages to the vehicle’s electrical system.

Broken A/C

There is nothing worse than a broken A/C in the dead of summer. Extreme heat can cause the system to blow hot air or fail completely, especially if it has not been used in a while

The best way to prevent cooling issues is by maintaining your fluid and refrigerant levels.

Worn Wipers

The summer heat is not the only thing drivers need to worry about, the summer months can bring plenty of rainstorms and thunderstorms. That is why it is extremely important to have functioning windshield wipers.

Faulty wipers that no longer make proper contact with the windshield will cause streaking and reduce driving visibility. It is recommended for wipers to be replaced every six months, but they should be replaced as soon visibility is affected.

Bad Odors

The summertime is not always bad – beach days, road trips, and pool days are enough to keep anyone entertained and cool. But to keep your vehicle from accumulating funky odors and mildew, promptly remove any wet or damp items from the vehicle as soon as possible.

Leaving bathing suits, towels, and beach bags in a hot car overnight will damage upholstery and promote the growth of bacteria.

Tire Issues

Cooler temperatures as night might be a blessing on a hot day, but the change in temperatures can mess with your tire pressure. Under-inflated and overinflated tires are susceptible to damages and potential blowouts.

Every vehicle and tire has its own recommended tire pressure. Check your owner’s manual to learn more or check with a professional at Trick Trucks.

Drivers should check their tire pressure before, during, and after any long road trip. But you should also pay attention to your tires and check the pressure every few weeks during regular travel.

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