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Are Car Covers Worth The Hassle?

Car covers are shields that are designed to protect your vehicle from dirt, dust, animals, weather, and any other element it may face. Depending on the purpose, car covers are constructed using a variety of materials. Indoor car covers are usually made of a breathable light material, such as cotton, while outdoor covers are typically constructed using a durable reflective polyester material.

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Many drivers are not convinced about the benefits that car covers have to offer them, especially given the hassle of continuously having to put on and take off the cover for every use. If you are interested in purchasing a car cover, but do not know if the benefits are worth the hassle, continue reading to learn how car covers can protect your vehicle.

Protect Against Sun Exposure

Prolonged sun exposure has the power to damage both the vehicle’s interior and exterior, given the combination of ultraviolet radiation and increased temperatures.

A vehicle’s dashboard receives the main brunt of the sun exposure, especially since the heat is intensified by the windshield and increased proximity to the sun. This intense exposure can cause the dashboard to fade or split and crack.

Sun exposure can also cause premature wear and tear on the interior upholstery, including the seats, flooring, and headlining. Most manufacturers use materials that are resistant to sun damage, but it will still happen unless the vehicle is covered by a car cover when under direct sunlight.

On the hottest of days, a car cover offers another great benefit – it helps keep the interior of your vehicle cooler.

Protect Against Outside Elements

Car covers also protect against outside elements, such as tree sap, pollen, or animal deposits. These types of debris are difficult to remove, and might result in your paint becoming scratched or faded.

If you regularly keep your vehicle parked outside the home or office, then covers are an excellent way to prevent your car from getting rained or snowed on during the winter months.

If you keep your vehicle parked inside your garage, you might think that a car cover is unnecessary, but this is not the truth. Even when parked safely in a garage or under cover, vehicles are vulnerable to dirt and dust.

Indoor car covers are specifically designed to prevent dirt and dust from settling on top of the vehicle. It also serves to not only protect the paint, but also to protect any minor dents or dings that might occur when working in the garage.

Whether you keep your vehicle stored outside or inside, a car cover will keep your vehicle looking clean, pristine, and ready to roll.

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