Four Brake Systems Problems That Should Not Be Ignored

The braking system is the most important safety feature of the entire vehicle. Along with regular maintenance, your vehicle will likely give you some signs when service is needed. If you hear, feel, or see any of these four problems, be sure to have your brake systems checked by a professional right away to avoid future damages or injury.

brake systems

Dashboard Brake Light

A vehicle’s dashboard is the first line of defense when a problem arises. It immediately lets the driver know that there is a problem and shows exactly where the problem lies.

When the brake indicator appears, that means it is either time for a brake inspection or your vehicle has detected a problem. Whatever the case may be, drivers should promptly have their vehicle inspected and serviced.

Unpleasant Noises

If you hear an unpleasant noise every time you press down on the brake, there is a good chance your brake pads have been worn down. Most brake pads have a lifespan ranging from 25,000 to 65,000 miles but it all depends on the driver’s habits.

Once the brake pads have worn down, the metal underneath will begin to show and connect with the rotor. This metal on metal interaction is what causes unpleasant squealing, squeaking, and grinding noises. Not only are worn brake pads extremely dangerous, but it can lead to bigger and more expensive problems.

Burning Smell

A strong burning smell can be a sign of overheated brakes. This can be a dangerous situation, especially if the brake fluid begins to overheat to the point of boiling, which can lead to overall brake failure.

If any burning smells or visible smoke appears, pull your vehicle over and allow it to cool down before continuing driving.

Vehicle Pulls To One Side

When the vehicle pulls to the left or right when braking, this often means a caliper problem. If the left brake caliper is applying more pressure than the right caliper, the car will pull to the left side or vise versa.

Uneven braking can also be caused by different tire sizes. Start by inspecting each tire for overall wear conditions. If one tire is significantly more worn than the rest, the brake pad will not reach it as quickly as the rest of the tires. If the tread of each tire is in good condition, make sure each tire is inflated to the same PSI.

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