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5 Benefits of Hinged Tonneau Covers for Trucks

hinged tonneau covers
Hinged tonneau covers can provide truck bed protection.

Hinged tonneau covers can provide truck bed protection. Having truck bed protection for your new truck is almost as important as having a new truck to protect and customize. In this week’s blog, we’ll take a closer look at the 5 benefits of hinged tonneau covers for trucks. If you’ve got a customized exterior for your truck, you’ll want to be sure it stays flawless. Please read on to learn more!

Here are Some Awesome Benefits of Hinged Tonneau Covers!

  1. Easy Access with One Hand: Often, carrying things into your truck means you’ll lack a hand. In order to open the back, you’d need to set something down. Not so much with hinged tonneau covers. In fact, it’s all in the wrist – with one simple motion you can open up the cover and reveal the back of your truck. You won’t have to carry such large loads anymore. Built-in quick release hardware also makes it easier to detach the cover when you don’t need it.
  2. Many Options for Paint-Matching: Want a fancy new paint job for your truck? No problem, because paint-matching is a breeze. You’ve got many options to choose from. Besides, this type of cover is the only one you can modify to match with the factory paint job on your vehicle. Ribs, corners, edges, and spoilers can all add aesthetic bonuses to your truck via paint-matched tonneau covers.
  3. Ruggedness: Whatever you need to haul, hinged tonneau covers have got your back. With up to 1600 lbs. in hauling capacity, hinged tonneau covers can handle virtually anything you throw at it.
  4. Security Against Weather and For Locks: Feel secure against wild weather, and be sure your locks will endure. Rain, sleet, and snow can’t get in, and hinged tonneau covers will give you an extra lock mechanism as well.
  5. Overall Versatility: Consider the overall versatility of hinged tonneau covers. They can be combined with the access of a roll-up tonneau cover. There are many manufacturers who can help you achieve this combination if you need it. Not only are they affordable, but they don’t need to be paint-matched either. Although these tonneau covers are constructed from lighter materials, they still offer heavyweight protection. You can still have the key elements of security, style, and convenience with this combination feature.

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