Truck Suspensions

5 Types of Truck Suspensions

5 Types of Truck Suspensions
Suspensions are a critical part of your vehicle, and truck suspensions, in particular, are no exception.

Suspensions are a critical part of your vehicle, and truck suspensions, in particular, are no exception. Even so, the type of suspension you need will largely be determined by how you use your truck. For instance, a food truck roving through city streets will need a vastly different suspension than a juggernaut built for rumbling through muddy hills and running streams out in the woods.

Factory Model

Simply put, the factory model suspension is the original one. It’s what your truck was equipped with when it was first built. You’ll also find that factory model suspensions are known as stock suspensions. How the stock suspension is set up will be different depending on the model of truck you drive, but in most cases, it is configured for ordinary street driving. Sometimes, you can take your truck off-road, but for the most part, you should stick to the highways connecting your town with the next.

For Towing

When you need to tow something heavy, modifying your suspension can go a long way towards making that process much easier; you’ll see that air springs, leaf springs, and bump stops are all adding to truck suspensions designed for towing. When you use truck suspensions meant for towing, you’ll notice an increase in both performance and comfort – there’s less jolting and swaying, and pulling your cargo won’t cause as much damage to your suspension once you’re done.


Leveling kits are also useful upgrades for truck suspensions. You might notice it right away, but most trucks are not perfectly balanced. They’re higher in the back than they are in the front. Using a leveling kit will get rid of this difference. When you use a leveling kit, you can add new tires that are bigger than the ones available with the factory model suspension.  

For the Suspension

Suspension lift kits are the best of the best when it comes to upgrading your truck’s suspension. With these installed, your truck can sit higher off the ground. Don’t hesitate to give your truck some eye-catching new wheels, rims, and tires, which you can then use to challenge anything that comes your way when you go off-road.

For the Body

A body lift kit is similar to a suspension lift kit. The main difference is that you won’t need to get your suspension realigned. By using body lift kits, you can pair massive tires with your standard stock suspension.

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