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5 Vehicle Maintenance Tasks to Complete This Fall

5 Vehicle Maintenance Tasks to Complete This Fall
Before you can go anywhere, here are some vehicle maintenance tasks to take care of first.

The chill of fall is on the way. With the change in seasons, you might not think you can go on any long road trips. But there are a variety of day trips you can enjoy, all of which are less than three hours away from Baltimore. Before you can go anywhere, here are some vehicle maintenance tasks to take care of first.

Check the Heater and Defroster

No one wants to climb into a hot car on a hot day when the onboard air conditioning isn’t working. Likewise, morning frosts during the fall and winter are going to be much more common. So, to avoid any problems, check on the heater and defroster and make sure they’re working correctly. That way, you can look out through both windshields to see approaching motorists, or bicyclists and pedestrians.

Ensure Windshield Wipers Work

Our second vehicle maintenance task is just as important as the first. Since it’s going to start raining and even hailing during the fall, you’ll want to be sure that your windshield wipers work. Plus, you’ll have to deal with fog and mist whether you’re commuting in your car or heading into the woods in your truck to spend a weekend hunting and fishing. Either way, you can’t get to where you’re going if you can’t see along the way.

Double Check the Tires

Adequate tire pressure is also essential to keeping your vehicle in top condition. No matter where you’re going, you don’t want a tire to blow out along the way. Plus, it takes more gas to get to your destination, and you don’t want your fuel efficiency to suffer. Also, make sure you inspect the treads on your vehicle’s tires. The better your treads, the more traction you’ll have on slick roads this fall!

Get a Look at Steering

Every so often, you should have your vehicle’s steering system inspected. Don’t overlook the suspension and wheel alignment, too. All three of these systems are critical to keeping your car running and preventing accidents, which can help keep your vehicle maintenance costs down.

Change the Oil

Oil changes are also vital for keeping the engine running smoothly. If you have a bumper to bumper warranty on your vehicle, getting an oil change shouldn’t be anything to worry about; but you should keep an eye on how many miles you’ve traveled since your last oil change and determine if the time has come for it or not.


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