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5 Ways to Customize Your Truck

Custom leather seats
Custom leather seats are one fun way to customize your truck!

When you customize your truck you make it truly and surely yours. While anyone can buy a factory model and leave it as is, if you want your truck to reflect your personality and taste as a truck owner, you definitely have to customize it. Here are five fun ways to show your truck some love.

A Flipped Tailgate Handle

This common trick is a cool way to make your truck more friendly to all sorts of custom designs. It means that the tailgate handle is moved from outside of the truck to the inside. This gives you smooth space to put cool paint or graphics on and will make your truck truly stand out in the crowd.

Electrically Activated Doors And Tailgates

This is more commonly used on hot rods, but can also be seen on trucks belonging to particularly savvy owners from time to time. You can remove the handles of your doors entirely, making use of an electric latch with a remote instead.  

In-Car LEDs

These small lights are highly customizable, coming in various colors and degrees of brightness. They offer unexpected indoor lighting effects that wow. Whether you want red, blue, green, or any other color, these tiny lights can be easily applied to the interior of your truck.  

Custom Leather Seats

You spend a lot of time in your truck, so why not make sure it has the perfect look and feel?You could make the inside of your truck reminiscent of any era, making it feel like a real blast into the past, or keep it as modern as you like. When it comes time to customize your seats, the options are almost endless. While you are spending all this time on the seat, consider installing custom seat heaters for optimum comfort within your truck.

Universal-fit Rear-mounted Truck Turbo

This may sound like a very out there suggestion, but it is easier than you might think to add a turbocharger to any pickup truck. There is a relatively inexpensive universal kit you can purchase to help you do it.   

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