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6 Awesome Trucking Accessories You Shouldn’t Go Without

trucking accessories
Make sure your truck is outfitted with the right accessories for the job.

The right trucking accessories can transform your pickup truck into an incredibly multi-purpose vehicle. Even low-cost add ons can add a ton of value and expand on what you can accomplish with your truck. If you use your pickup for any kind of specialized work, you’re going to need accessories to match the job. Here are a few trucking accessories you should consider to get the most out of your truck.

Truck Bed Extender – Adding a truck bed extender can significantly increase your truck’s hauling capacity by giving you several additional feet of carrying space. Unfortunately, this will put a lot strain on your tailgate, so it’s a good idea to keep a spare one in case yours needs replacing.

Tow Hooks and Tie-Downs – The whole point of owning a pickup truck is to carry around large loads, so it’s important to have all the necessary equipment–steel hooks and tie down straps. Although some trucks come with their own, they’re not always adequate for securing larger and heavier loads.

Loading Ramp – A loading ramp makes loading large objects and materials safer and easier. You can store one on the truck bed so that it doesn’t take up much space.

Heavy Duty Toolbox – Truckers frequently need access to a wide variety of tools. A lockable steel toolbox will provide you with a safe place to keep them all. Choose one with an aluminum and powder-coated finish in order to reduce wear and tear from the elements.

Winch – A cable winch is a useful truck accessory if you are someone who regularly hauls around heavy loads. Although they typically require professional installation, they are will worth the cost. A powered winch is particularly handy if you need to free your truck from mud or snow.

Mudflaps – Speaking of mud, mudflaps are rectangular pieces of rubber that extend beneath the truck’s wheel wells. They help to protect the truck’s body from nicks caused by gravel and road salt.

Truck Cap / Camper Shell – A basic tarpaulin or cargo net is usually enough to protect your truck load from weather, but a truck cap or camper shell can accomplish a whole lot more. Combined with some sleeping gear your truck can become a perfect camper’s companion.

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