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8 Truck Accessories to Prepare for Winter

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Make sure your truck is outfitted to handle the harshest winter weather.

Winter is coming! If you haven’t already, now is the time to start preparing your truck for harsh winter weather. Or maybe you’re on the lookout for a nice gift to give your truck loving loved ones? To get the most out of your truck this holiday season, consider adding these important truck accessories to your Christmas list.


  • Floor Mats – Winter weather always gets messy. Between salt, ice, snow and slush there’s a lot of gunk you don’t want puddling on the floor of your truck. Avoid this problem by getting some fresh floor mats. This will help you protect your truck’s floor as your boots track in winter grime.


  • Remote Start – As it starts to get really chilly out, one thing you might want to invest in is a remote start system. Remote start lets you get your truck warm before you leave home or the office. This will also help clearing away ice and frost buildup from your windshield.


  • Snow Plows – No truck is ready for winter without its own snow plow. Attaching a snow plow to your truck will make trudging through heavy snowfall easy. Don’t be limited by your municipal snow plow team when winter weather hits your area.


  • Tonneau Covers – A tonneau cover is an excellent way to protect your truck bed and anything in it when the snow comes down. Plus, they’re useful all year round.


  • Fog Lights – Fog lights are very useful during winter storms as well as thick fog. They will enhance your visibility and keep you moving without fear of what’s ahead.


  • Tow Straps – No one wants to get their truck stuck during winter weather, but when it happens it’s good to be prepared. A tow straps will help you get out of stressful situations like this.


  • Winch – Speaking of getting your truck stuck, a winch is another handy accessory when it comes to getting out of a snow bank. A winch is a must-have for anyone that traverses rough areas.


  • Emergency Gear – Is your emergency kit up to date? It’s important to be prepared for unexpected situations where you might end up stranded. Make sure your truck has emergency water, snacks, a flashlight, first aid supplies, flares, a blanket and a battery powered radio.

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