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A Guide To Car Covers

A car cover can protect your vehicle from damage and help keep its paint job in pristine condition. However, the trick is to make sure you buy the right cover for your vehicle.

car coversTo better understand what options and factors to consider when shopping for your vehicle, Trick Trucks has created this ultimate guide to car covers.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

When determining which car cover is the best fit for your needs, the first question you need to answer is “Do I keep my vehicle inside or outside?”

If you answered inside, then an indoor car cover might be the right choice for you. Keeping your vehicle in a garage does not automatically protect it from danger.

A car cover will protect against abrasive dirt and dust that collects on the surface; the tiny particles can cause scratches or other permanent damage. It also protects against minor dings and dents from other objects being stored in your garage.

If you primarily keep your vehicle outside, then an outdoor car cover will help protect against weather, bird droppings, tree sap, and other debris. Since outdoor covers are more heavy-duty than indoor covers, they also serve to protect from UV and heat damage. Plus, they also safeguard against thieves trying to look inside vehicles for valuables.


There are three different sizes available for car covers: universal, ready-fit, and custom-fit.

Universal car covers are the cheapest option, but also the inferior option. Since they are mass-produced as a “one size fits all” cover, they are typically loose-fitting and hard to install.

Ready-fit car covers prove to be slightly better than universal covers. They are designed to match the type of vehicle, whether it is a truck, van, SUV, hatchback, or sedan.

Custom-fit car covers, on the other hand, are meant to match the specific make and model of your vehicle. Drivers can even have themselves designed to fit over modifications or additions they have made, such as mirrors, lights, spoilers, or truck caps.

Disadvantages of Car Covers

As with any product, car covers have a few drawbacks, but these drawbacks do not even begin to outweigh the benefits.

A car cover protects the vehicle from the outside world, but that means the cover gets the brunt of the impact. Drivers need to take care of their cover by regularly washing it with cold water, mild soap, and a sponge.

Cheap and poorly made covers have been known to lead to condensation, mold, and mildew problems. This could lead to stains, rust, or other serious and permanent issues. However, this problem can easily be eliminated by only purchasing quality custom-fit covers, and learning how to properly install them.

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