Front Grill Guard

A Guide to Grill Guards

Grill Guard truck accessory
Grill guards protect your truck from unnecessary damage.

Tax refunds will be making there way to your bank account in the very near future, and while you could save it, you could also use to give your truck an upgrade in the form of a new grill guard. This exterior accessory won’t just make your truck look tougher; it’ll actually make it a sturdier vehicle. If you enjoy taking your truck off road, grill guards are the best way to make sure that your lights, paint, and engine, don’t have any damage when the day is done.

What exactly is a grill guard?

Whether you’re driving over rough terrain, or you’re just on the highway, a grill guard will come in handy. It attaches to the front end of your truck and prevents kicked up rocks, grass, and dirt from breaking your lights, scratching your front detailing, and can protect the important inner workings of your truck in the event of collision.

How do I know it will fit my truck correctly?

When you purchase a grill guard, it will be perfectly fit to your vehicle. Manufacturers custom make grill guards to match your vehicle’s make and model to ensure that when it is attached to the front end of your truck, it isn’t just an accessory, it is a part of your vehicle.

Will the process of attaching a grill guard damage my truck?

Many truck owners are concerned that the adding a grill guard will require extra cutting and drilling, but that isn’t the case. Grill guards fit onto factory made holes that are already in your truck, and simply bolt on. When you have a grill guard professionally installed, you won’t have to worry about damage to your truck.

Will a grill guard protect me in an accident?

Unfortunately, grill guards don’t make your truck impervious to damage in an accident, but they do add an extra layer of protection. In low-impact accidents, you can count on your grill guard to offer modest protection, lessening the effects of the impact to an extent. This is also true in the case of accidents involving average sized animals. In high-impact accidents, your grill guard won’t hold up to the force and will be as affected as the rest of your vehicle.

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