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A Simple Guide to Maryland Tinting Regulations

Maryland tinting regulations
What do you need to know about Maryland tinting regulations?

If you are looking to tint the windows on your truck, make sure that you familiarize yourself with Maryland tinting regulations first to avoid a ticket or fine. Here is a simple guide to decoding the laws and staying street legal. This guide will cover the most need to know info about how window tinting works in Maryland.

Why Window Tint?

Window tinting, aside from preventing you from squinting your eyes constantly while driving, will help protect the interior of your vehicle from cracking or fading. The window tint will protect your car from excess ultraviolet light to protect it on the road or in the parking lot. Window tint also helps to protect your skin from UV light as well, which can lead to premature aging and even skin cancer.

Maryland Tinting Regulations

First things first, the window tinting percentage refers to the amount of light that is allowed into the car. A 50% window tint would allow 50% of the outside light in, and a 5% window tint would only allow 5% of the outside light in. Even though it seems counterintuitive, 5% is actually more than 50%!


During your Maryland state inspection, they will check your window tint to make sure that it follows Maryland tinting regulations. The basic guideline is that windows can have window tint added to allow up to 35% light in. Most cars come with windows that already allow between 70-75% light transmittance, so the average car could have 50% window tint film added to make a total of 35% light transmittance. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry—the experts at Trick Trucks are here to help!


If you have a passenger car, you have to meet the 35% requirement on every single window in your car. The brake light in your back window cannot be covered by tint, but the window can be. If you have a truck, you must meet the 35% requirement on your front and passenger door windows, not your front or back windshields.

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