Tonneau Cover

Adding a Tonneau Cover to Your Truck


Tonneau covers are great additions to your truck, especially in the spring!

Spring is a time of enjoying the sun after a long winter, household projects, and new growth. For truck owners, it is also the perfect time to invest in a Tonneau Cover to protect the bed of your truck. You’ll be filling the back of your truck with everything from picnic baskets to tools to two by fours, and without a cover, you risk a lot of unfortunate issues. Spring might be one of your favorite seasons, but without a Tonneau Cover, it could be one of the worst for your truck bed.

The Benefits of Tonneau Covers

  1. Adding a cover to your truck bed is a major way to create better fuel efficiency for your truck. When you drive around with an uncovered bed, wind can’t flow easily over your car. Instead, it gets sucked down into the bed before it can make its way up and over. This can create some serious drag, as your truck will be severely lacking in the aerodynamics department. A cover gives air an easy path and streamlines the movement of your car reducing the amount of gas you will use. In fact, it will improve your mileage by one mile per gallon.
  2. Your truck bed is a tool in and of itself. You can use it to haul large items, help friends move, and carry around supplies for work. Unfortunately, these items increase the risk that your truck will be vandalized. Without a truck bed cover, you’re a target because criminals have easy access to your valuables, and can window shop with ease. Tonneau covers give your truck an added layer of security, and make it a less appealing target.
  3. Truck beds are especially susceptible to the elements, because there is nothing stopping rain, hail, and intense sunlight from glaring down on it all day. Water can easily pool in such a flat surface. All of these things can cause a lot of damage to your truck. Tonneau covers do the important job of protecting your truck and making them last a longer and stronger lifespan.
  4. Spring is a time for new projects and some serious house sprucing. You might find yourself carting around some serious tools, supplies, and other random cargo. This is one of the major benefits of owning a truck, but it can be difficult to secure everything well, making the long journey from point a to point b, a stressful one. A tonneau cover helps ensure that everything stays put and doesn’t fly out of your bed.

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