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Adrian “Wildman” Cenni Does Barrel Roll in Truck

Have you ever heard of a race where cars, trucks, and motorcycles all compete in the same race on the same track? If you haven’t, you should get down to Baja California next November to see the annual Baja 1000, where different types of vehicles compete on the same track in a race that can run up to 1,000 miles depending on the loop.

You’d think that after seeing a race like that, you would have seen it all. But leave it to Adrian “Wildman” Cenni to prove you wrong. The daredevil recently attempted and completed what he called “the first ever ground-to-ground 360-degree barrel roll in a 4-wheel vehicle.” The stunt took place as one of the sideshow events at the Baja 1000. Check out the video.

Some pretty impressive flipping skills and camera work to boot. While the stunt was technically the first “ground-to-ground” vehicular barrel roll, it wasn’t the first time a barrel roll has ever been performed. The difference is that Cenni didn’t use a landing ramp, while most other barrel roll performers used a slanted landing ramp to catch themselves on the way down. But either way, it’s definitely a cool sight to see.



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