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All-Season versus Snow Tires

Snow verses All-season tires
Snow tires are very different from all-season tires. To keep your vehicle on the road this winter, call Trick Trucks!

As winter quickly approaches, it may be time to think about getting new tires for your vehicle. But does this mean you will need all-season tires or snow tires to get you through the winter? Let’s take a look at these two options.

All-Season Tires

All-season tires are the standard tires that have been on your vehicle since it left the factory. These tires can be attributed to a quiet ride, good tread life, and good fuel economy. All-season tires also offer versatile performance and can perform well in a variety of conditions including wet roads and in light winter driving. But that doesn’t mean these tires combine the best of both summer and winter tires. While they perform well in many different conditions, all-season tires tend to provide the same amount of grip and sharp handling as a summer tire. All-season tires are not designed to handle extreme winter weather like deep snow and ice driving. This makes it ideal for drivers who live in moderate climates without extreme cold, ice, and snow.

Snow Tires

Just like walking in snow requires a different type of shoe than walking on a clear surface, so does your vehicle while driving. Winter roads are often hazardous with black ice and heavy snowfalls, making the roads unpredictable. These conditions can change in an instant and cause accidents if the driver is caught without the right equipment. Winter weather conditions challenge tires to provide traction like no other season. These challenges can be met by several features that are unique to snow tires: tread rubber, depth, pattern, and biting edges. In extremely cold temperatures, the tread rubber of all-season tires can become stiff and provide less traction than what is needed in icy conditions. Snow tires use a more flexible treat to allow for better gripping. The tread depths of a snow tire are shallower and doesn’t allow snow to build up. This open treading allows for a better grip on the road. Snow tire tread patterns are also different. This tread is designed to channel snow, slush, and to expel water. The final difference is the biting edges. Snow tires have an increased number of biting edges, thousands of tiny slits in the tread to provide traction on ice. These features let snow tires grip the road differently from all-season tires and to keep you safe during the winter weather.

Snow tires are definitely the better option if you live in colder, high altitude locations where snow is a common threat. For more information on purchasing your snow or all-season tires, call Trick Trucks today!

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