Benefits of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

For many new car buyers, the CarPlay or Android Auto features have become somewhat of a necessity. The system you choose to install is dependent on the smartphone you own: CarPlay for Apple products and Android Auto for Android products.

But for many vehicle owners who are left to wonder: “Should I install this new dash in my older model vehicle?” All of us at Trick Trucks would confidentially answer that question with “Yes.” CarPlay and Android Auto have combined your smartphone interface and app capabilities to create the ultimate dashboard display.


Safer and Convenient

Since these compatible apps are interfaced on the dashboard screen, drivers do not have to worry about using their phones while driving. All of the smartphone apps that we have come to know and love are featured conveniently on the dashboard display, including Google Maps, Apple Maps, Spotify, Apple Music, Phone, Messages, and many more.

Even though CarPlay and Android Auto allow drivers to utilize smartphone apps, they discourage distracted driving. Instead of looking down at your phone for directions, these devices display the directions directly on your dash’s screen. When using the Phone or Messages app, drivers can easily make calls with voice controls or have their messages read aloud.

Simple and Sleek Design

All drivers would choose function over fashion, but with CarPlay and Android Auto, you do not have to. Both of these devices offer a simpler interface that is sleek in design. Why do people love their smartphones so much?

It is because they are easy to use and appealing to the eye. Now think about this: CarPlay allows all the things you love about your phone to be displayed right on your vehicle’s dash. The improved dash and simplistic design offer a more user-friendly system and improved driving experience.

Improved Car Experience

Both CarPlay and Android Auto allows users to connect their smartphones through USB or charging cords. This high-tech integration offers high-quality streaming capabilities for both maps and music. Unlike a Bluetooth connection which can be spotty, a wired connection allows for a boosted and improved audio connection.

Generic navigation systems might be helpful to some degree, but quickly become outdated and inaccurate. With CarPlay and Android Auto, getting turned around will be a thing of the past. Since these systems are connected to your smartphone, they are automatically updated with real-time traffic information, detours, and even offer gas stations or restaurant suggestions.

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