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Are You Interested in a Car Security System?

car security system
A two-way remote start system is a key element of a car security system!

A car security system can be a great boon for you and your family. In this week’s blog we’ll take a closer look at what you should be looking for when you get a car security system. If you’re interested, be sure to keep these in mind to find the best system for you. Keep reading to learn more!

How Can We Help You Find a Car Security System?

Trust the Brand-Names: Brand-name systems are highly trustworthy. With solid, reputable systems, you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. You might think off-brand systems will save you money, but this is not actually the case. The off-brand systems will end up costing you much more in the end.

Look for Specific Features: What are these specific features? Let’s take a closer look at them below. All of these features should be standard, but of course, different manufacturers will have different settings and standard features. Choose which will best fit your needs and your budget.

Shock Sensors: Shock sensors can be calibrated to certain sensitivity. These sensors will activate depending on how a car is moved when it is not in operation and stands as a basic first line of defense.

Two-way Remote: A two-way remote is quite similar to a remote start system. With it, you can start up your car before you even get in. More importantly, the doors will stay locked until you are ready to unlock them. On cold days, your car will be warm, ready, and waiting; on hot days, the air conditioning will be running. Another nifty feature is the starter kill, which does exactly what it sounds like – kills the engine and renders it inoperable until you reactivate it.

Glass Break Sensors: These will protect your car and alert you if anyone tries to break a window to get in. Yet another security feature.

GPS Tracking: Wherever your car might end up going, have no worries. Law enforcement can locate and rescue your car if need be.

What Else Can They Do?  The car security system, no matter which one you choose, will protect your vehicle and any valuables you may have inside it. The all-important peace of mind is another excellent perk of this system. Lastly, and you may not know this, but insurance companies will provide discounts on your policy if you have the system installed professionally.

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